“Badman Nuh Ya Friend” EP is a release in which the Polish producer, Riffz, debuts in Sequel One.
In contrast to the artist’s previous releases, which fit into the broken-up breaky jungle with a sprinkle of ragga vocals, this new material is somewhat slower, deeper and leaning towards the bass side of things. The EP does not lose its jungle core, with layers full of sliced Amen drum breaks and classic soundclash vocals. To top it all off, the release is drizzled with modern sounds of footwork, juicy Roland basslines and rave samples.

The EP reflects on what Riffz listens to daily and what he plays in his energetic DJ sets.

Buy this EP on bandcamp (release date: 8th sept. 2017).

01. Badman Nuh Ya Friend
02. Bwoy Na Test
03. No Dreadlocks Inna Dance
04. She’s Wrong (Fi All Dutty Gal Dem)

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