Once again we have hunted out and gathered together the finest tracks from the land of chopped up beats and pressed them up, this time on a beautiful green record, also as digital release available.

Ark!Tek – Old Screwed – This one is an instant classic for me. Listen to the first minute and you’ll be sucked in. It builds and builds, smooth and tough a.f.

Sum – Trailer Park Mishap – Anyone who know their jungle should get a smile out of this heavy heavy bass window rattler. Sum revisits the question of ‘what happened to Ricky’ except this time it is about another Ricky from Nova Scotia with a taste for pepperoni.

Wombcorps – RIP Fotze – This ragga breakcore clash epic brings the wreckage through a rollercoaster of non-stop sampler dubplate pressure and wheel-ups a plenty.

The Archangel – Yuri On Fire – We finish up with this beautiful track from The Archangel. A pulsating piano mutates throughout the track forming jagged harmonic shapes.

Buy this release on Bandcamp here.

A1 – Ark!Tek – Old Screwed
A2 – Sum – Trailer Park Mishap
AA1 – Wombcorps – RIP Fotze
AA2 – The Archangel – Yuri On Fire

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