A mixed bag of high-octane Remixes, Dubwise, Ragga Jungle, Drumstep, Hip Hop, Party Jams, Hardcore Mash-up & Emo Breakcore.
From the smooth & sublime to extreme noise in just under 44 minutes.


1. Jungle Brothers – True Blue (N Soul Remix)
2. Run Tingz Cru feat. Blackout J.A. and Lady MC – I Got Love 4U
3. Run Tingz Cur feat. Top Cat – Sweet Sunshine
4. J Bostron – Long Time Dub
5. Natty Killah – Just The Other Day
6. DJ K – Kill It (Direct Feed Remix)
7. Mighty Dreadnaught – Get Up
8. JFX – Back to the Jungle Bizness
9. Skool of Hard Knocks – Everybody (Tim Reaper Remix)
10. George Young the Infinite – Bun It
11. Truspin – Junglist Sound
12. Daddy Freddy – No Second Hand (Umvasya Remix)
13. Jr. Banton – Daggadang (Umvasya Remix)
14. Steppa Style – No Mercy (Jahoora Remix)
15. Peligro – Rudebwoy Suspense
16. Captain Panic! – Screamer (Urban Assault Remix)
17. Big Tymers – Still Fly (Wick-it the Instigator Remix)
18. Beastie Boys – No Sleep Till Brooklyn (Wick-it the Instigator Remix)
19. Blizzaine – Infiniminer
20. DJ Mindfreak – I’ll Be French For You (DJ K edit)
21. Chazy – Shut Tha Fuck Up



  1. RYAN yes! i really agree with ya, BUT! You know about 10 years ago the ragga-jungle and all d’n’b scene were more … funny/happy….something like that. And my respect to dj K , that he is “on the wave” with all that modern music
    but i really miss the old days…:)

  2. YEA! That Chazy tune gets kids moving 4 sure. I’m glad I’m not the only one playing it! If yall wana here smashdown RaggaJungle the whole way threw check that new Feyder mix! If yall wana her whats New N Slammin listen 2 the Killapodcast! Fear is the only enamy of progression Massive!!!!

  3. lush mix untill the last quater brillinat tunes and mixing spot on!
    seiously though! friends remix? WTF happened? ther’s so much good gabba and frenchcore out there aswell!

  4. in fact i think tha all mixes of dj K became more and more agressive…melodic rythmes transformed to hard basses and…
    this is very pity…
    just a drumstep…

  5. DJ K exactly has a talent in finding great tunes and interesting artists – sounds of Umvasya,Blizzaine,DJ Mindfreak and Chazy are my favourites in this podcast.
    Big UP, DJ K ! :)

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