“Tune in to the very first spoken word Killa Podcast. I sat down on an Austrian Spring morning with Amadeus (NYC) and Mo’Fiyah (Graz AT) and we discuss such topics as jungle, dubwise, producers, releases, vinyl, the party scene in Europe and North America, as well as try to figure out dubstep while battling wind and planes overhead.

Every saga has its beginning and it is my hopes that I can keep this going with new guests & discussions in my travels and as artists pass through. There is so much more to be discussed in our scene so let’s get the ball rollin with the first edition!”



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  1. I enjoyed hearing this interview/talk from 3 people from different countries . Some stuff i agree and some i disagree ! which is good :) Next time i link you guys up would love to do an interview picking up where this left off ! Bless, Emile

  2. what should i say?! big up, this shit is crazy :P

    thx for this killa podcast, special thx 2 K, and az for your positive – and long – comment.

    push tingz forward!

  3. Nice talkshow (lol)
    I agree with the other people here, interesting topics and very informative.

    I wanna add though, when I’m commenting songs with “BIG UP” or “this shit is crazy!” or some other comment then that doesn’t mean that the mix could be crap and I just want to look cool with non-constructive comments. I just want to spread positive feedback and keep the producer producing, because I DO like the tracks or he’s mixing. Being a 3D artist myself, I get a hell of a mental boost to work harder when someone posts positive comments about my work.

    What goes to playing raggajungle to others, well I don’t think we can ever cut off the bad artists (if there ever are bad artists in the scene [everything depends on a perspective]). When I play raggajungle to others I just play selected mixes and tracks that I know are proven to hook with people who don’t know too much about the genre. There’s good and bad music in every genre.

    And finally, dubsep. I think young people (such as myself [21]) like dubstep because of the massive baseline. DnB and dub are the original roots of the music when the natives started pounding the first drums and humming with low voices. Dubstep is the modernized version of the native sounds and it just “feels right” … or hit’s you in the old reptilian sector of the brain.

    Anyhoo, good cast and nice to hear some of the original voices of the producers out there : )

  4. thx a lot for this precious document of contemporary history! very interesting stuff! respect!

  5. Thanks for posting this one Mash. It was a lot of work to put this together, but I am hoping that it will gather momentum over time. Recently, I have really enjoyed listening to discussion podcasts with interesting topics, and thought it was about time our scene had one.

    peace, Andrew (DJ K)

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