Back with the First Podcast for Twenty-Ten… after closing-out 2009 with a dnb special, its naughty sibling Jungle is back with a vengeance, and all the amens you can handle. No tech, only big tunes! So fresh, it includes even 3 unfinished preview tracks I couldn’t miss. So, without any further ado, BRING THE JUNGLE FIRE!!!

1. 16 Track Ting Remix – Exodus Soundsystem (dub)
2. Good Girl (Mighty Melody Remix) – Tarrus Riley & Konshens (unfinished version dub)
3. Bashment Party – Selecta UA (dub)
4. Soundboy Hungry – DJ Kahncept (dub)
5. Style Confusion – Exodus Soundsystem (forthcoming on Exodus)
6. Style Confusion (DJ K Remix) – Exodus Soundsystem (forthcoming on Exodus)
7. Run Dat – D-Jahsta (warlord dubplate)
8. Bust the AK – OSCI (dub)
9. NYC Gal – DJ Kahncept (dub)
10. Anytime – Junglefever (dub)
11. Jah – Diamond Geezer (dub)
12. Renegade Junglist – NickyNutz (dub)
13. Strange Things Remix – The Count & Sniden (domino)
14. Throw Some Stevie Hyper Ds on it – Chili Banks (dub)
15. Esto Nisam Sunce (MK BTR Remix) – JungleRaiders (dub)
16. Call Da Police – OSCI (unfinished version dub)
17. Good Body (MOZ Remix) – Jungle Bullets vs. MOZ (dirty dub version)
18. Scotty Remix – Sixteenarmedjack (dub)
19. The River – R.A.W. (dub)


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  1. Insane hooks, the NYC Gal track brought tears to my eyes…but the rinse out fixed that quickly, lol……BIG UPS!!!

  2. start listen it and can’t stop it anymore :) the middle part is very tuff and true jungle part. good girl is nice prod of mighty and the river a good conscious jungle tune at the end. definitely you hunted me down with this 1. respect!

  3. fuckin-A! BIGuP that shit mon!!! im on to you now!!!


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