This mix featuring some unreleased bits, some new tracks, some tunes coming out soon on Deep in the Jungle Anthems 3 and a couple of classics.

DJ Cautious – Slam
DJ Cautious – Romie
Rumble feat Suku (ward 21) – Siren
Channel 2 – Teki Back
BassFlexx – Original Plameican Bwoy
Johnny Osbourne – Rock it Tonight (Marcus Visionary Original Dubplate Mix)
Epicentre – Duppied in the Dance
DJ Cautious – Rugged
DJ Cautious – Fat Booty (Brian Brainstorm Remix)
Marvellous Cain – The Hitman (Bladerunner VIP)
Dr S Gachet – Remember the Roller (Bladerunner Remix)
Java – Junglestep (DJ Hybrid Remix)
DJ Cautious – Kung Fu Sugar
Kartoon – Everyday Erbalist (Xian Juan Remix)
DJ Cautious – Double Trouble
Noise Factory – The Fire Part 2 (Dramatic Remix)
DJ Cautious – Panty Clean
DJ Cautious – Ghetto Story
DJ Hybrid – What Else VIP
Chronixx – Odd Ras (Noble Dnb Remix)
Phantom Warrior & Soultrain – Heavy Like Tank (feat Navigator VIP Mix)
Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction (Lynx Edit)
DJ Cautious – Kung Fu Badman
DJ Cautious – Rough Love (K Jah Remix)
DJ Cautious – Seek God
DJ Cautious – Wanted
DJ Cautious – Bounce
DJ Cautious & Beady – Anything Goes
DJ Cautious – Dynamite
Jungle Citizenz – Transmission
RMS – Burning Up
Epicentre – Foundation

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