2 hours of deep n dark jungle amens mixed by David Pierog from the US.

Street Control- Junky Palms
Up- Sully
Oisse- Infest
Signs VIP- Stunna
Survivalist (Law’s Punk VIP)-Law & Wheeler
Dead Tonight- Thumbzo
Deep Isolation (War dub)- 88 Katanas
Showdown- No_Name
Dreadnox- Dotka Venom
Inner Drift- 88 Katanas
Hard Reality- Polarity
Knowing- Law
Conquer- Jim Crow/Johnny_5
The Red Planet- Champa B
Infernal & Raw- Nebula
Wisen up VIP- Double O
Voodoo Bosch- Drum Cypha
Nervous- Threshold
Promises not kept- Alexbreako
That Feeling- Antares
Mob Tactics- Champa B
Dark Roller ’95- Nickynutz
Street 66- Antidote
Militant Milisha- The Disciple
Keep Your Dread- martianMan
Vibration Centre- Rumbleton
Water Bucket (DnB mix)- Digital
Angry Sheep- Threshold & Jedi Hi-Fi

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