Here is a Boomtown 2017 review, some wicked wicked live mixes by different artists.

Supa Ape @ The Sewage Workz


Breakforce One @ Sewage Workz

Missy Elliot – Get Your Freak On (Jarvis Remix)
I:Gor – Straight Outta Kielce
Punjabi MC – Mundian To Bach Ke (Flite Bootleg)
DJ Hazard – Mr Happy (DJIPE Remix)
Excision & Space Lace – Get Stupid
Sei2ure – Informer
DJ Hidden – Evah Green
Limewax – Dust Suspension (BFO Edit)
Breakforce One – Shitty Blümchen Mashup Remix Track
Falco – Mutter Der Mann Mit Dem Koks Ist Da
The Satan – Meat
I:Gor – Total Confusion
The Outside Agency – Edited For Content
The Outside Agency – Hours And Dreams (Detest Remix)
The Outside Agency – Backpack Wisdom
BrokenNVEP – Biopsy To Rave Party
Ecchi-Chan – Hate To Tell You But…
Ecchi-Chan – Hit We With Your Broken CD Player
San.Fi – Press Trigga
Kenkotaiji – Scratch Of Neck
Breakforce One – ID
Breakforce One – Crowdbuster
Pisstank – Punching Your Girlfriends Cunt Til It Bleeds
Wan Bushi – Combo Whore
TechDiff – Eat Drink Fuck
weyheyhey !! – Im Your Daddy
Breakforce One – Virgin By Choice
The Satan – Time To Fight
Breakforce One – Wearing A Shirt That Says ‘Microphyst Is A Cunt’


Phuture-T @ The Sewage Workz

Phuture-T meets Jungle Drummer – Voyager
Ricky Force – Konono Riddim
Phuture-T – Rupture
Dub One – Watcha Man
Phuture-T – Gwarn Badman
Antidote – Weh Yuh Seh?
Phuture-T – Foundation (Doggone Barrage)
Dom & Roland – Thunder
Phuture-T – Stand Firm
Dom & Kemal – Moulin Rouge (Remix)
> Phuture-T – D For Dubplate
Drum Cypha & Champa B – Detriment
Paradox – Hologram
Phuture-T – The Fugitive Drummer
Tactical Aspect – Unfaire (Phuture-T Remix)
Rumbleton – Kings Chamber
Greenleaf – Forward Motion (Phuture-T)
Paradox – Perhaps The Future
Blawan – Black Rose (Source Direct Remix)
Dub One – Gwarn Amen (Phuture-T Remix)
Double O – Iroy Lion (Phuture-T Warrior VIP)
Zebedee – Rude Boy (Phuture-T Remix)
Stranjah – Prominence VIP

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