Bman is back with the august edition of his Fiya Mixtape series. This time with an one hour mix and 13 tunes by FeyDer, Igit, Omen Breaks, Duburban Poison, Vocoda and and and…
Download this mix via mediafiya.

1 I Need Your Lovin by Socle
2 The Wig by FeyDer & Igit
3 Murderous Masters by Omen Breaks
4 Boom Boom Boom by Wan Bushi
5 Da Puppy Dem by Duburban Poison
6 Tornado by Junglord
7 Di Gun by Default & Bman
8 Junglefever by Bman & Oxidizer
9 Nah Lolipop Nah Sweet So by RIFFZ
10 Champion Man by Bman
11 Satta Lumumba by Vocoda & Dr…Um
12 Shineye Gal by Oxidizer & Bman
13 Bun Dem by Dj Osh-Kosh & Ritorto

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