Wow, thanks all for the friendly feedback. Today D.I.S and I decided, who got a package. All 8 winners got an email (please check also your spam-folder…).

Bless and RESPECT to all junglists and listeners!

LETS CELEBRATE!!! We want to celebrate this 8th birthday with a little competition!

Grab one of eight winner packages. It includes strictly limited specials:

– black and white button
– pack of 5 different
– 2 Ruff E Nuff-sticker
– a laser-engraved spoon

Deadline: 9 june 2013

What 2 do: Simply post a comment under THIS ARTICLE with a reason why you want to win these giveaways :D Please add your correct email-address. If the deadline is over we (D.I.S & Mash) will pick eight winners with the most curious reason. All decisions are final.

Here are some interesting stats for you – 8 years
– comments: ~ 3000 (+26.000 spam)
– posts: ~1000
– visitors: ~ 1 mio.
– clicks: ~ 7 mio.
– top five countries: russia, USA, germany, UK, czech rep.
– top three cities: moscow, st. petersburg, kiev
– top browsers: firefox (37%), chrome (15%), IE (14%)
– top referrer: Facebook, Vkontakte,

Thanks and big up to all true junglists!
Mash & D.I.S


  1. Actually i just need the spoon.. my other one broke today while eating popcorn! I NEED THIS SPOON TO SURVIVE DUDES!

  2. if i had this spoon , next time someone wants to play knife-e spoon-e
    i can totally be like “i gotta gangsta ass ragga spoon back the fuck up”

  3. Because Simon says you guy must give me one of those eight package.And if you don’t do it you will have a bad karma…..

  4. I think I should win since I’m the only one repping the Jungle bizness in all of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia!

  5. I shall keep only one sticker for myself and this Continent (plus a button)…
    The other six I will send out into the world (recipient suggestions accepted) so that it is guaranteed & RuffENuff is found on each and every continent of the world…
    The spoon, well now that I am going to be making into a Spork so when backpacking and ignoring electronic world there is to be found Ragga in the jungle…

  6. Потому что я люблю рагга!
    Because I love ragga!²
    Weil ich Ragga liebe!
    Bo lubię Ragga!
    ah, well that’s Polish not czech, but anyways, I do want to represent everywhere, all day. Big up yourself!

  7. Need the spoon to spread the jungle vibes during cofee break ;-)
    Big up to all crew!!!

  8. Vandalize parisian subway with stickers and sure giving away the rest to my fucking rude boy best friend ;)

  9. Because i’ll clearly play the spoons while stomping my face off to some jungleeee yayaya!

  10. I have no access to public cantines anymore, so spoons are a rare thing in my kitchen.

  11. Me nah really need no sticka
    Me nah really want no spoon
    All i want is jump up
    Pon the Jungle Biz tune

  12. This spoon will be a family heirloom!! I want to give it to my kids, grandkids and so on ;)

  13. I grew up in the urban jungle and survived by spinning the raggajungle tunes and the badass mixes of

  14. Because without I wouldn’t get the best Ragga Jungle mixes from those great artists. Big Up!

  15. Ragga Spoon ah di girls dem sugar

    Di Badge dem world class lover

    Mi love dem

    Yuh know dem need this nigga!

  16. Because my bicycle and my fridge don’t have sticker yet and they need it for sure as well as I’ve lost all my buttons so it will fit on my cap!!!

  17. becuase I ve got 3 tapes of ruff E nuff and it would be nice to have the stickers go to along with dem since ive not seen DIs & kru for many years now & the whole berlin DHR/KoolPop/Sprengstoff posse – kru and so like this it seems U are all around – and last casue im a raggaF***ing JunglisT addict since 94 onwards – Old & new skool – Big up assassiNrotterdam – love dem spoons , I can drink (Ganjah)tea while listening to raggaJ.bizz

  18. Cuz’ RaggaFu*kingJungle!! And RJ is my favourite music since i heard my first track. :))

  19. buttons for da bag, stickers for da trunk and spoons with ragga-jungle, fi sho-dis ain’t no useless junk :-)

  20. I love this site. It’s my homepage. Became aware of it through about three years ago and instantly became a full-time junglist. I represent and Psychoradio daily! Always showing off new mixes/artists or just blastin’ the Psychoradio stream. Jungle music has impacted my life in such a positive and lasting way and I have to thank for that. Biiiggg up to everyone who contributes to this page!! :)

  21. Big ups! Prop! Definitely sportin these treasures will manifest in meetin then meatin my raggamuffin princess. Jah already ordained, so refrain from deviation of His Hola plan. Infinite love n regards ! Peace genesis loop, i and i keep on coming back again

  22. Because nothing has ever won a bucket and a super mega deal, would in the end their

  23. Because,I-man serve Selassie I continually.No matter what the weak heart say.And I know that I & I is like a tree,plant by the river of water,and not even the dog that piss against the wall of Babylon shall escape this judgment.For I & I know that all of the youth shall witness the day that Babylon shall fall!

  24. Becuase ive just moved and have lost multiple boxes of cutlery and decorations, therefore this prize pack will help with both and ensure people know they are entering a junglist household!

  25. Because I have been visiting this site from the beginning. And right now I’m starting to learn DAW’s so I can produce some RJ, too. I hope there only 8 comments :).

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