Barely one year has passed when Yankowsky steps up to the plate again to deliver the monthly promotional mix. Having hosted the Mono Show on for more than two years now, for this second installment Yankowsky pulls all registers open wide with an all-Monochrome Recordings mix.

Prepare for an ethereal journey into deep space and get ready to fend off assaults of scientifically accredited amens, pots and pans and the deepest, darkest ambient soundscapes that lure you into a false sense of security before unleashing more madness over and over.

Lost-radio – Ptitsa-chaika Overdrive [dub]
If-read – Flora [dub]
RMS – Foolish Love [dub]
Infest & Quasi – Dark Days [dub]
RMS – Breaking free [dub]
Koyatsu – Konflict [dub]
Kybel – Kayako [dub]
The Drumkilla – Endless River [MNCH038, 2016]
Space Depth – NGC 300 X-1 [dub]
Parallel – Amen Delerium [dub]
Goreteks – The Terror [MNCH040, 2016]
Rainforest – Leap Of Faith [MNCH028, 2015]
martianMan – Clear [MNCH025, 2014]
Mutants – As The Years Go By [MNCH029, 2015]
BERKHEYA – Wonderland [MNCH018, 2014]
Terminus – Cruise Control [MNCH021, 2014]


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