Exclusive mix, first time with a huge premiere-event on psychoradio yesterday. big upz! wicked mix!


Tracklist 2Times – Mashing up the Place
1 – Intro (Tribute to Martijn Beckker aka DJ Period)
2 – Come Back to Me (Johnny Clarke)
3 – One Spliff a Day (Billy Boyo)
4 – Kill You Soundboy (Ablarosie)
5 – Gunshot (Vybz Cartell)
6 – They Don’t Know (This is Jahva Sound) (Fantan Moya)
7 – Blind to You (Collie Buddz)
8 – Play me a Dub Plate (Bunny Lie Lie)
9 – Sleng Teng/One Sound (Wayne Smith/Junior Reid)
10- The Bookshelf (Tanto & Devonte)
11- Stay Inna Di Closet (Esco)
12- Champion SOund (Albarosie)
13- Call Pon Dem (Chezidek)
14- Joker Smoker (Ziggi)
15- Gangsta Gorilla (Gangsta Gorilla)
16- Come Through (Junior Cat)
17- Bunn Dung di Place (Lukie D)
18- Brrrrt (Bunji Garlin)

download it here


  1. This is epic shit. One of the best JR mix i’ve ever heard. Been blasting it on my hifi non-stop. Is it possible to get a FLAC version for hi-end hifi’s ??

  2. Muthafuckin Dirtyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy—————–>>>BigUP!!!
    Rolly shit is good mon!!!

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