Tommy has been part of the Unity crew since the very start and has always delivered with his sets. Tommy represents the harder side to the Unity sound and as well as a top DJ he’s also a top producer.
Here is a mini mix (30min.) by Tommy Badman.

1) B-Key – Man Of Science (Scientific Wax)
2) Dom & Roland – Enforced VIP (Self Released)
3) Mac-V – Unintended Betrayal (Danger Chamber Digital)
4) Equinox – All Massive (Scientific Wax)
5) Equinox – Paralyze Babylon (Scientific Wax)
6) Amenizm F. John Rolodex – Amenizm Pt. 2 (Machinist Music)
7) B-Key – Dirt For Dirt Sake (Scientific Wax)

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