“With The Impostors going over their back catalogue and releasing it on their Bandcamp page, I thought a new up to date mix would be good! Those tunes can be found here.
My favourite tune is still ‘Psilosin’ even with the newer version slightly different to the older version I had. Its better now though I must say ! the ‘Secure Unit EP’ is clearly for me their best release though, with all 3 tunes bangers on that.
‘Paula Series: EP1’ is my favourite from the Paula Series for sure, with both tunes on that release crackers. Having recently myself messing about with Amiga Emulators on my PC, I discovered what the ‘Paula Series’ was.”

1) DJ Tyrone – What Power?
2) DJ Tyrone – Superluminal
3) DJ Tyrone – Militant
4) DJ Tyrone – Rainfall
5) DJ Tyrone – Momentum
6) DJ Tyrone and Leo J – Psilosin
7) DJ Tyrone and Leo J – Adversity
8) The Impostors – All Massive
9) Leo J and DJ Tyrone – Yeah
10)DJ Tyrone – All Manner Of Things
11)DJ Tyrone and Leo J – Judgment Day
12)DJ Tyrone and Leo J – Forced Medication
13)The Impostors – Reality
14)DJ Tyrone and Leo J – Shut It Off
15)DJ Tyrone and Leo J – Radar Mapper
16)The Impostors – Dopeman
17)Impostors – Diss Ya

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