Raggajungle.biz started in june 2005 and in this eleven years we published 587 jungle mixes from djs & producers from all over the world!
One of my first raggajungle mixes i’ve ever posted and i still in love with is a mix called “Lion Sessions Pt. 2” selected by ma breddas Brond Steel aka D.I.S & Base aka Eddy Rush aka JUNGLE LION SOUND from germany.
This mix is a b2b-mix from 2007 hosted by Mystic Dan with awesome unreleased tunes by DMD, Mainframe, Coco Jammin Production, TWINHOOKER™, Paulie Walnuts, DRUMATIC, Flare, Direct Feed, Organic Sound and D.I.S himself.


01.dmd – the weed(unreleased)
02.mainframe – final round(unreleased)
03.mainframe – taps(unreleased)
04.coco jammin – R.I.P (rmx)(unreleased)
05.twinhooker – too corrupt
06.twinhooker – turn to the east
07.paulie walnuts – plead my cause
06.drumatic – scientist(unreleased)
07.flare – solid as a rock
08.direct feed – here she comes(unreleased)
09.direct feed – heads high(unreleased)
10.organic sound – we deserve(unreleased)
11.coco jammin – hungry(unreleased)
12.dmd – ganja smugglin(unreleased)
13.direct feed – scalp dem(unreleased)
14.direct feed – jonny flys westside grade(unreleased)
15.coco jammin – god bless(unreleased)
16.D.I.S – culture(unreleased)
17.D.I.S-original sound(unreleased)
18.D.I.S – grind(unreleased)
19 quick response unit – small world(version)

This mix is still online, also part 1-4, not for download but for streaming on soundcloud.

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