Known as the Beast, SMYLA will destroy any dancefloor with his deep and dark break drive drum & bass. One of the up and coming heavyweights of dark drum & bass, the beast has made an impact with his aggressive in your face Dj sets by interacting with the crowds in a way only King Kong can achieve. In the studio he draws inspiration and guidance from only the best in the scene and strives to produce the darkest drum n bass without losing the soul and vibe, which he hopes will take your mind on a journey into the unknown. Just don’t close your eyes for too long, cos the beast will strike when you least expect it.

source: MDC Blog

1. smyla – SKINBAG [Dub]
2. smyla – CENTIPEDE [Dub]
3. smyla – MURDER MOST VIOLENT [MurderChannel]
4. smyla – JUJU [Amental]
5. smyla – RAIN DOWN [MurderChannel]
6. smyla – ZKITTLEZ [Amental]
7. smyla & gein – INVADERZ [Mute8]
8. smyla – VOODOO [Amental]
9. smyla – RIPPING INSIDE [Amental]

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