01. Major Lazer – Original Don (The Partysquad Remix)
02. Stivs – Watch Dis (FeyDer Remix)
03. Echo Box – The Stopper (VIP)
04. SPL – Back At It (Slimjah ft. FeyDer Remix)
05. Peshay – Jammin (FeyDer Remix)
06. Capital J – Something For Your Mins, Body And Soul
07. Nkogliaz – Soundbwoy Killah
08. Sam’s Myth and Shedcore crew – Hoodford Green
09. DJ Frankus & Nick C – Junglistic Snake (Killing Spree mix)
10. HoT – Soundboy Killa
11. Fishstix – Killa Soundbwoy
12. DJ L.A.B. & Chris Jay & MC Massive P – Junglist Soldier VIP
13. D.I.S – Ah No Nuttin
14. Jonny Dangerously – Murderer (Linguo VIP)
15. Dj K – On A Mission (SIXFOOTUNDA remix)
16. Ragga Scum – Mash Up Your Limbs
17. TC & Dread MC – Burning Starlight (Osci Remix)
18. Slimjah – Sinhara
19. Slimjah – Unda Sensi Thing
20. FeyDer – Time Is Red
21. Raggamanip – Sensimilla Persecution
22. Slimjah & Cutty Ranks – Other Teng

time – 59:37
quality – 320kbps 44000khz

download it here


  1. AZ- Today day off so 1½ hour @ the gym, covered 6 miles. I work in healthcare and soooo can’t be misbehaving. I grew up in a mountain town running the cold northern forest/ jungle trails and wish I had this music then. The beats is the body moving, vocals the mind. Been doing this close to twenty years now. Just the way I am wired.

  2. Not complaining, not bitching instead writing as what I hope is positive feedback. If it gets posted so be it.
    This is an international site so the most basic format, a single MP3 file, is (maybe) the one easiest for all sorts of people using all sorts of technology platforms. Not everybody is soundboy/ soundgirl spends alotta time working with these programs. Some platforms might have issues with WAV, I don’t even want to know about iTunes Zipped is kinda cumbersome…
    In choosing hosting site, yall might want to think about ease of access for the casual user. A site cluttered with ads saying “download” or “play” while not pertaining to the file is a pain in the rasclot. 10 minutes to download 150 mbs is the outer limits of acceptable in my opinion.
    150 downloads per mix is a pretty average number if you can plan for it. Using a couple different host sites gives options. Being able to hear a mix before download is a really nice feature.
    Anything from anyone else? Cause I done had my say. (No troll wars please.)
    Again, thank you for your time and efforts. Selah.

  3. ya rasp man… if ur using windows 7, then check in to the folder you are actively in progress of downloading to, there should be a file with a *.part extension, that’s the sound file that’s downloading and not yet complete.

    You can play that file with winamp or VLCplayer and listen to it while the rest of the track downloads, that’s how I listen to 300mb, 2h komposti sound mixes from sendspace.

    I hope it helps, so you don’t have to waste time.

  4. Yeah really good mix, Thank you, but Sendspace is the worst site you could ever try to DL from, 5am this morning, it would have taken an hour to download, just checked again 39 minutes and I gotta buncha unheard music already,,,,maybe passing by this one

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