It’s a 45 minute pirate radio mixtape of new hardcore jungle, darkside and ’93 hardcore featuring recent tracks from Four Jacks Records, Rudeboy Morris and Tim Reaper’s Globex crew, alongside the early pioneers Tango, Acen, DJ Crystl, Hype, Carl Cox and many more.

1. Your Sound (2017 Remaster) – J Majik (Metalheadz)
2. Thirty Thirty – Boca (Four Jacks Records)
3. Forgot About This – Boca (Four Jacks Records)
4. Rudeboy Morris – Andromeda (Unreleased Dub)
5. Got To Release – Tango (Double Visions)
6. DJ’s Anthem Vol.1 (Carl Cox Remix) – DJ SS/ EQ (Formation)
7. We Rock the Most – DJ Trax (Moving Shadow)
8. Trip II the Moon (Part 2 The Darkside) – Acen (Production House Records)
9. Renegade Snares – Omni Trio (Moving Shadow)
10. Weird Energy (Hells Bells Mix) – DJ Hype (Suburban Base)
11. Funky Hardcore (DJ Hype Remix) – QBass (Suburban Base)
12. Incredible Bass (Slipmatt Remix) – Oaysis (Formation)
13. Globex Corp Vol. 4 B2 – Dwarde & Tim Reaper (7th Storey Projects)
14. Globex Corp Vol. 3 B2 – Dwarde, Gand, Tim Reaper (7th Storey Projects)
15. Globex Corp Vol. 1 A1 – Dwarde & Tim Reaper (7th Storey Projects)
16. The Dark Crystl (Remastered) – DJ Crystl (Hardcore Junglism)

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