Robbie Dubs second Jungle Mix! Ragga Jungle Oldskool and Newskool!

01. Jacky Murder,R Cola – 100 Box of Dubplate
02. Kenny Ken – Murder You (Benny Page Remix)
03. Benny Page – Killer Sound (Kandiman)
04. Serial Killaz – Who’s Gonna Make The Dance Ram (Andrew Paul)
05. Soundclash – Raggamuffin
06. Marcus Visionary – Ruff and Tuff (Sugar Minott)
07. Tchphnx, Super Cat – Dolly My Baby
08. 4 Corners Crew – Tingle Tangle Remix
09. MIR Crew, Uk Apache – Every Man Has A Right
10. Isaac Maya – Original Jungle Sound (ft. Daddy Freddy)
11. Freeze & The Green Man – Love My Way (Skarra Mucci)
12. DJ Freeze – Baddis Ting (Million Stylez)
13. J Bostron – Nuttin nu go so (Notch)
14. Wicked Squad – Hypnotic
15. Serial Killaz – Good Enough
16. Benny Page – Top Rank Skank (Mr Williamz)
17. Rebel MC,Serial Killaz – Police In Helicopter (Top Cat)
18. Benny Page – Pass the Kouchie (Mr Williamz)
19. 4 Corners Crew – Rollin Paper (Kymani Marley)
20. Kambo Don – Lighterman
21. Serum, Northern Lights – Danger
22. Kambo Don – Marka (Dub Phizix and Skeptical feat Strategy)
23. Benny Page – Dangerous (Solo Banton)
24. Serial Killaz, Rebel MC – Wardance (Super Cat)
25. Wickesquad – Peace a Dat (Blackout Ja)
26. Serial Killaz – Private Radio (Top Cat)
27. Special Ed – Dreadlock (Alborosie)
28. Curfew Steppas – Love Me (J Boog)
29. Dijeyow – I’m Sorry That (Tarrus Riley)
30. Isaac Maya – Walk Away From Love (Bitty Mc Lean)


  1. Thanks 4 reply!
    Before i startet playing jungle 3 month before.. i was (an still i am) a selecta in a reggae dancehall soundsystem.. so the rush rush thing may come from that! ;)

    In the next Mix, maybe i will remember ur words ;)

  2. I was really enjoying the first halfhour, good mixing, singles I like, thought it was going to get multiplays. Then 30, 31, 32 minutes in every track got so rush rush like a minute, minutehalf that I cant listen and it go delete.
    Sometimes less is more, let the rhythm ride on some.

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