With this absolute BANGER of an EP and our 3rd vinyl release, we would like to welcome Champa B & Bazia to the Green Bay Wax family! These tunes have been rinsed by almost exclusively Green Bay Wax crew for the last 6 to 12 months, and it is an absolute pleasure to finally release these tunes to the world on a lovely piece of vinyl!

This EP is LUDICROUS!! So don’t miss this one! Like with all of our releases, there will be no represses, and vinyl tracks will remain vinyl tracks, so grab it before it’s too late!! Hold tight all the supporters worldwide!!

This is a 4 track 12″ vinyl release with 4 additional digital tracks, which will be downloadable immediately upon purchase. You will however have to wait for your wax to arrive to hear the 4 tracks that are on it in full, as they will not be available digitally.

Buy this release here.

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