Two experimental 140-160bpm tunes – Porygon Herb Dub and Frank – produced & mastered by Grimbit, vocals by King Ital Rebel, mixed by Grimbit and Supply Fi.


Lyrics Porygon Herb Dub

We haffi smoke herbs on di board
Fresh igrade ina di transport
A travel from west to east coast
King ital have di medical passcode

Verse 1
24 hrs binghiman haffi smoke
Light di chalice nah tek oath
Wrap it in parcel we ship by di boat
Cuda have a million we still nah give di pope
Rather chop di trees give all to di goats
Fyahman serious nah too joke
Everyday dem lock I brothas ina court
Lighting ball Bobo Hill nah support

Verse 2
Dem a say puff but me chalice nah pass
Hear from the shout dem a sey we move fast
Dutty beast parasite lef we name chuck off
Unuh same one sell we out wid cross
just a lil though mek way gimme pass
Use2 bun di fields now dem u call it Mgrass
Dat we use jungle send di youths dem guh class
Binghiman neva worry dutty woks cyah last

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