“The bright-light, groovy aesthetic of Chopstick Dubplate is back at the start of this year, so get out your Red Stripes and don ya wavey garms because a whole load of artists aren’t messing around with their remixes this one. A load of ragga-infused tunes are here for you, uplifting samples abound and suddenly it’s not January – it’s June, July and August and the sun is shining. This doesn’t stop Aries & Jacky Murda’s take on ‘Soundboy Gone’ from coming out the blocks in a moody way, though, and neither does it stop Mozey from attempting to knock your hat off. Chopstick Dubplate always manage to pull out the stops in a way that makes you nervously smile, this one is no different and there’s other excellent tracks from Samurai Breaks ,Kleu and DJ Gaw.”

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1 Soundboy Gone – Jacky Murda & Aries Remix
2 Soundboy Gone – Mozey Remix
3 Soundboy Gone – Kleu Remix
4 Soundboy Gone – DJ Gaw Remix
5 Soundboy Gone – Samurai Break Remix

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