Check out Fahda Sensi’s new dancehall-mix with a long tracklist in ya face.

Sensi Mvmnt aka di real deal: Fahda Sensi, Gully R, King P, DJ Reppy and Jan Haze.
The sound, that was founded in chemnitz/ saxony in 2003, has meanwhile also representatives in berlin, zurich/ switzerland and mandeville/ jamaica.
The crew is specialised in juggling. They have been to austria, the czech republic, finland, france and in numerous cities in germany to nice up the lawn.
Hence, Sensi mvmnt is not just a party sound. They took part in clashes in leipzig, berlin, mannheim, wuppertal and won the trophy in gothenburg/ sweden in december 2010.

Besides the entertainment on stage, the sound is spreading its vibes also through mixtapes and cds. They frequently release one- artiste, new tune, classic or vintage, reggae and dancehall mixes. Sensi Mvmnt also organised several tours and shows for foreign artistes such as Bramma, Konshens and Delus aka Sojah and for Sounds from all over the globe.

tracklist: over death
02.lil joe.tamarind season
03.konshens.never fall
04.g life and love it
05.khago.coppa gone too soon mi ah deal with
07.jah vinci.i don’t care
08.i you friend
09.i octane.caan hurt i
12.aidonia.half a bread
13.i octane.nuh dream bout boy
14.jah vinci.draw mi line
15.jah vinci.rise
16.t nez.better days
17.mykal rose, cham & bounty killer.stronger
18.bounty killer.enemies
19.wasp.the government
20.lil joe.rasta chant
21.tarrus riley.chaka zulu pickney
22.konshens.we all are one
24.zamunda.jah guide me
25.zamunda.friend enemy
26.flexx & chevaughn.can’t stop we now
27.ding dong.i make you mad money
29.konshens.the realest medz
30.g loving memories
31.bugle.chuck off
32.khago.blood ah boil
33.khago.nah sell out part few
34.i octane & zamunda.badda than dem
35.i octane.cyan do wi nuttn
36.ras burn
38.bramma.the song
39.chino.protect your life
40.tarrus riley.never leave i
41.konshens.represent my life
44.t nez.can’t stop me
45.t nez.same yute
46.popcaan.gangster city
47.mavado.change right now
48.i octane.evil a come my way
49.i octane.blood stain
50.jah vinci.soul to keep
51.jah vinci.don’t sky lark green
53.i more
54.chan dizzy.go hard and dung
55.chan dizzy.nuh strange face
56.i octane.mine who u a diss
57.i love inna them
58.laden & axygen.everything ago nice
60.i octane.puff it
61.i too hard
62.khago.bruk bread a life
64.demarco.i love my life
65.demarco.nuh yes man friend
66.chino.nah follow them
67.bramma.nuh truss people
68.mavado.when the eden rise
70.jah vinci.rumour
72.aidonia.step in the streetz
73.ecomog.i need a dollar (dub)

mixed by Fahda Sensi



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