Heavy weight dancehall mix by Mr.Kingston from Moscow(rus) sound Trudebwoys! Over one hour classic dancehall and reggae hits! Vibes up!

01_Dreadsquad and Dr.Ring Ding – Dibby a go die
02_Dreadsquad and Thai Stylee – Reality
03_Dreadsquad and YT – Issues
04_Skrillex & Damian Marley – Make it bun dem (Dreadsquad remix)
05_I Wayne – Living In Love
06_Richie Spice – Ghetto girl
07_Capleton – That day will come
08_Collie Buddz – Come around
09_B Real – Come Round Get High
10_Shabba Ranks – Burn up (feat Fatta and Los)
11_Daddy Freddy – Jah Love (trudebwoys sound dub)
12_Burro Banton – Nah Drop Di Ting
13_Buju Banton – Girlfriend
14_Skarra Mucci – Love for My People
15_Skarra Mucci – Bad Boys (trudebwoys sound dub)
16_Burro Banton – Jah Jah Rule
17_Nicodemus – Da Plan Land
18_Snow – Dance Alone
19_Sizzla – I Love Jah
20_Capleton – Wi nuh tek dis
21_Mr.Vegas – Mr.Gunman
22_Cécile – Know how
23_Elephant Man – Shizzle ma nizzle
24_Sizzla – Girls and Roses
25_Frisco Kid – You and You Man
26_Louie Culture – Salute Ghetto Youth
27_Terroe Fabulous – Open The Door
28_Beenie Man – Wicked
29_Beenie Man – Slam
30_Beenie Man – Certain Gal
31_Cham – Sell Out
32_Mr. Lexx – Trimble Up
33_Miss O – Money Pull Up
34_Mr.Renzo – Burn It Up
35_Doubla J – Sound Ago Die
36_Dr.Ring Ding – Don’t Waste My Time
37_El Fata – Sweet & Nice
38_Skarra Mucci – Greater Than Great
39_Pinchers – Bandelero (Come Down Riddim rmx)
40_Tippa Irie – Tippa Pon Da Mic
41_Mr.Williamz – Real General
42_Million Stylez & Joey Fever – Young Gunz
43_Bling Dawg – Gal U All Him Need
44_Capleton – Stick On
45_Lady Saw – Tear Up
46_Mr Vegas – Dem Luv Fi Chat
47_Beenie Man – Get Yourself A Gun (feat gringo)
48_Bounty Killer – Look Good
49_Merciless – Whaddup
50_Ce’cile – Fool
51_Capleton & Jah Thunder – Fire
52_Lexxus – I Rather Die
53_Beenie Man – In This Together
54_Mr.Vegas – She’s a Ho
55_Mr.Vegas – He’s A Jigalo
56_Elephant Man & Mr.Vegas – Bun It
57_Shaggy – Move Hype
58_Anthony B – Time For The Love
59_Tanya Stevens – Power of A Girl
60_Turbulence – Ethiopia awakes
61_Capleton – Slew Dem (trudebwoys sound dub)
62_Cutty Ranks & General Levy – Watch Me Now (Blend Mishkin Rmx)
63_Dirtsman – Mi Gun Nah Stick (Bruce Missile Rmx)
64_Mr Vegas – Boy Shorts (Max RubaDub Rmx)
65_Top Cat – We Are Mashed (Titan Sound Rmx)
66_Dancehall Allstars – We Are Mashup (MrBigk Rmx)

Download here.

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