A three deck mix. Some old tunes being released now, and some brand new dubs and tracks produced in an oldschool stylee. Played on 3 Tech 12’s and 1 Pioneer CDJ-800. Enjoy!


The Good 2 Bad & Hugly – J Is For Jungle (forthcoming on 2Bad Recordings)
The Good 2 Bad & Hugly – Ruff Neck DJ (forthcoming on 2Bad Recordings)
16AJ – Listen Keenly
Baby Demo – Nah Forget (dub) 2 copies
16AJ – Every Bumbaclaat Time – version (dub)
16AJ – Mash Up Tune
Nickynutz – “Street Knowledge / Slave special (DJ Buz) Bootleg” (dub) 2 copies
Vocoda – untitled (dub)
Phineas-II – Mi Come Ruff – Kid Lib remix
Champa B – Rewind Selekta Bwoy (Ruff)
Tom & Jerry – Likkle Sound – Tom And Jerry – SHELL 013
Kid Lib – Yeah-Uh!
unknown artist – Torn Up
Higher Sense – Cold Fresh Air – Tim Reaper remix (free DL)
Sound Shifter – Deep Vibration – Bay B Kane VIP remix (free DL)
Kid Lib – That Special Way (dub)
DJ Gunshot – Wheel Up – Tim Reaper remix (free DL)
Dwarde – Waves (dub)
Kid Lib – Blue Dreamers (dub)

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