’93 hardcore jungle. as always, the original 12″s straight from England. The levels get louder than I would have liked at some points, but my spare time to do these mixes is short, so it’ll have to do. I really love to get feedback, criticism and comments – so post em here.

Sacred – Do It Together
DJ Ron – Crackman the Return – Booyaka mix
The House Crew – Euphoria (Nino’s Dream)
Sacred – Keep on Going
Ionosphere – Just For Me
DJ Illeagle – Testify
Da Bass Invaderz – Time to Kik
J.A.S. – Dream
Vibes – Getting There
DJ Illeagle – Crazy
S.M.F. – Easy
Vibes – Underground Vibes
Mega 2 – untitled
Mad Dog – Seance
Cloud 9 – Mr. Logic
unknown – Pro-One white
Tango – untitled
Dragon Fly – Smoke It
Kay-9 – Perfect Design
Dub 2 – Badman (Tuffness mix)
Bay B Kane – Giant Steps
Vinyl Groove – The Weed
Dillinja – untitled
Internal Affairs – Find A Way
unknown – Now Hear Dis
Torchman – Tell Me

93 hardcore jungle – 88 minutes – 192 kbps – recorded October 6th, 2010
download here


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