This is deep darkside jungle. Every track played is the original vinyl or dubplate, except for the track marked * – which was given to Recoil by the producer as a .wav & played off CDJ. Mixed on three Technics 1200s, a Pioneer CDJ-800 and a Rane Empath.

Intense – Into the Unknown – Rugged Vinyl
Imposter & Lewi – The Shining – II Strong
DJ Ruffkut – Dub White – No U Turn
DJ D-Lux – Iron Plate – Brain Progression
DJ Ruffkut – Dangerous – No U Turn
Commando Alan Jamming Nam & Lieutenant A. J. Cracker – Bat 21 – Untold
Digital Pressure – Strictly Drug-Related – Juice Box
The Man With No Name – Painted Man – Hard Disk
Spinback & Windmill – Divine Inspiration – Legend
Wriggler Bascombe – Final Battle – One Nation
DJ D-Lux – Annihilation – Brain Progression
DJ Mayhem – Let Me Tell Ya Something – Face
Remarc – Mayhem – Dollar
Jim Polo & Neil Vass – Underground Feeling – Dark Horse
Wax Doctor & Jack Smooth – Unfriendly – Basement
Steve C & Monita – Smart Kid – Skeleton
Whitehouse Crew – Where the Sun Don’t Shine – Subliminal
Tango – Future Followers VIP – dubplate
Dillinja – Majestic B-Line EP – track A1 – Deadly Vinyl
Bay B Kane – Wickedest Man *
Area 39 – Clint – Vision
Intense – Genesis Project – Rugged Vinyl

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  1. reminds of an all baybkane mix i have by djextreme.i hope that is a compliment to you.sounds good in my ear.humongous props,good sir.sikk trak selection,rhythym controlla. keep on and on doin what you do so dankly well

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