RCola is back with a rollin 40 minutes mix including remixes and tunes by himself.
You can download this mix for free on Bandcamp here. Price is listed as “0.00$” so you can pay something if you want but it’s not necessary to pay anything to download.

01 Amen Meyer – RCola (VIP Remix)
02 Amen Meyer – RCola (Album mix)
03 Zoom Zoom – RCola
04 Archaic – RCola
05 Coded Riddim – RCola
06 Brand New Lick – Sonarcotick (RCola Remix)
07 Play Spy Featuring George Carlin – RCola
08 Lonely Robot – Sinewave (RCola Remix)
09 Latin Breeze – RCola
10 Turn It On – RCola

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