This is an exclusive live mix – CCPAR Podcasts Series Number 70.

1. Mighty Dreadnaut – When I Come Thru (Frankie Peppaz Remix)
2. DJ Gunshot – Regulators (Default Rollin Remix)
3. Bay B Kane ft. Asher D & Daddy Freddy – Know Me a Don
4. Mighty Dreadnaut ft. Klue & Exponent3 – O.G. Junglist
5. Boneman & DJ LAB – Eternal Conflict (Mighty Dreadnaut Remix)
6. Bay B Kane – Soundbwoy Nah Dead!
7. FFF – No Hope
8. Bay B Kane ft. Asher D & Demon D – Pass the Herb
9. IBP – Junglist’s Ritual
10. FFF – Retaliate
11. FFF – Amen Soldier
12. DJ K – On a Mission (Kambo Don Remix)
13. High Hertz – Richest Man
14. Rainboh ft. Assassin – Two Words (Bay B Kane VIP)
15. Setwon – Cus Cus VIP
16. Heavy Gutty – Glock
17. Rainboh ft. Lil Vicious – The Glock
18. EZ Sniper & Sentient Origin – Guns Out
19. MysMiakos – Everybody Knows I’m a Rude Bwoy
20. Mighty Dreadnaut – My Shadow Weighs a Ton
21. Setwon – Something’s Happening
22. Rastafarando ft. Junior Reed – One Blood

Rainboh is going on 13 years mixing as she continues to push her sound around the SoCal scene. Specializing in hip hop infused jungle and drum & bass, her career has recently taken to a more international level, having had her tunes featured in mixes by the likes of DJ K and Digitally Mashed, and seeing her first release, Foul Play, out on In Da Jungle Recordings, Montreal, CA just this past January. Her next EP, set for release on the same label will be another two track number, Two Words, featuring a VIP remix of her original done by Bay B Kane.

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