The result of the march-showcase, congratz Evidence again (!):
* Evidence – Ghetto People Song (24%)
* Psychofreud – Ali Baba (22%)
* D.I.S – Grind (18%)

here comes the new poll for the new showcase for april 2k8!
big up to all di producers, blaow!
You can vote for your top3 choones!
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  1. big up all massive& crew
    thanx 4 puttin our tune in the top10 showcase i was really suprized
    but its a rmx done by 4corners-crew and NOT my work just wanted to let u know ! nuff respect
    keep da jungle vibe alive

  2. big ups Ev on the March win.

    Now there’s gonna be a nobs crew handicapped match :)

    Evidence in there alone against the combination of Bro and Palmatron.
    But seriously, sick showcase this month. Badweed’s tune kills! Handle The Ride is a sick-ass track. Gonna be tight!

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