showcase-ava-270x270 presents the December 2009 showcase featuring 10 new choones!
With 10 tracks featuring this month we offer you the chance to vote for your top three choones. GO!

The Winners of the november showcase are:
Amadeus – Realise (31%, 122 Votes)
Dublinjah & Selecta – Duno Test This (31%, 119 Votes)
HoT – Heat (21%, 82 Votes)

brand new dubstep-showcase HERE!!!

You can vote for your top3 choones!
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  1. Nice tunes again, Junglistshaman is madness also Nicky and Illicit… RJ quality over quantity beginning to shine

  2. YeaH mash , i know the melody and i know that he is for the first time here , i am wait for too long in a good way to see somebody from my country in the showcase , and i have to say that i am really happy that my friend is the one.For the tune i have to say too ,that i like some of his slices , but in the player i listen some other bombs from guys and friends like HoT , Igit , Bostron all the producers are makin’ this showcase more and more bad every month , thats why i have to (bow) in front of all ya guys .

    Keep R-J vibe alive , Peace and pleasure.

  3. @skul: junglistshaman is the first time in the showcase, right. its a very nice choone, esp. check 3:29-5:13 – greeeat. Chazy first time in, Illicit and Mighty too.


  4. Sorry guys , but i have to tell ya not because he is my close friend but because he manage perfectly in this one , that Junglistshaman tune is the illest if we talk ’bout mush ups…Greets from Bulgaria

  5. Sorry guys, but in player i see Nickynutz – Music Is The Spirit Of Love and in showcase i see Nickynutz – Ali Baba Fever????

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