Here is the new poll for the september-showcase 2k9 with great unreleased choones!
Thanks 2 all producers once again. Check out the dubstep-showcase here.

The Winners of the august showcase are (russian massive!!!):
HoT – They Dont Really Care About Us (47%, 99 Votes)
Igit – Suka Lubov (17%, 36 Votes)
FeyDer – Cant Leave Soundclash Alone (16%, 33 Votes)

You can vote for your top3 choones!
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  1. give thanks for the comments… really happy that ya guys feelin the tune!!! :)

    its coming out on 12″ & mp3 soon (we sadly have a delay on the release date because of a lot of issues … :-/ )

    anyways, check out knowledge mag’s “Top 5 New Ragga Jungle Releases”

  2. Merry blues, big tune. Isn’t that a “The Cure” riddim? :D Jungle Drum was my second vote maximum respect, nuf originality, #rd vote was close between Buck Lee and Diamond Geezer but I ended up voting for Guerilla Warfare, heavy business dat. EZ

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