Here is the new poll for the july-showcase 2k9!

The Winners of the june showcase are:
FeyDer – Avril 14th (31%, 52 Votes)
DJ K – Ali Buba (27%, 46 Votes)
NSF – Jungle Brother – Bad Answer (26%, 44 Votes)

You can vote for your top3 choones!
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  1. Me cyaan believe Baby Demo’s Gayfish is the last one!! Pure originality, sense of humor and everything. Guess raggajunglists dont watch South Park these days…

  2. More Fyah!!!
    and more MashUp Amens!!!!
    explose world!!!!
    RESPECT ALL Ragga-Jungle DJ’s and PRODUSER’s!!!

    …peace and love…

  3. russian badman’s staff reminded me uk hardcore tunes )
    respect 2 all. hot you are first )

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