Raggajungle.biz presents the top10-showcase in june 2010!
A special special selection this month, checkkk!
With 10 tracks featuring this month we offer you the chance to vote for your top three choones.

Winners of the may showcase are:
PsychoFreud – If I Stay (30%, 78 Votes)
HoT – Pre-Caution (27%, 70 Votes)
Ramza – Trail n Progress (20%, 52 Votes)

You can vote for your top3 choones!
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  1. Euro jungle slaying things out of the states these days! BOOM! Bina crew, igit,hot,feyder,ramza…LARGE! drum unit has a solid sound as well, would love to hear some of the new things yall got

  2. thanks for the kind words fam! big tunes everyone! shots out to feyder, igit, and all of the rj.biz fam! hit us on here or myspace for tunes! we will do our best to send them out as soon as possible!

  3. respect!
    my top 3… 1st bina assassins 2nd drum unit and 3rd feyder!
    new gmc tune comin soon ;)

    blessed love all massive

  4. hehe thx ramza.
    to get in contact with the producer just click the lil button in the showcase, next to the trackname, to go to the profile.

  5. how to contact drum unit? your tunes are boss!!!!!!!!!!! want to trade some
    and thank you goes out to raggajungle.biz and everyone else for the constant support!!!!!!!

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