Raggajungle.biz presents the top10-showcase in march 2010! A lovely ting dat diz month :)
With 10 tracks featuring this month we offer you the chance to vote for your top three choones.

The Winners of the february showcase are:
HoT ft. Parly B – Realise (33%, 78 Votes)
NKM – Bomborasclaath (28%, 65 Votes)
Diamond Geezer – Real OG (19%, 45 Votes)

brand new dubstep-showcase HERE!!!

You can vote for your top3 choones!
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  1. @zeri
    i agree with the Bloodclart Chief
    check this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBwauW5vzkg and check Selecta’s tune! where the distinctions??? 1 distinction, he add breaks and amens, it is. he even didnt make bassline. for me it’s not production!!! need to be ojective. yes, original tune good, but not remix, if i can call it remix…..

  2. Bloodclart Chief its your vision,this choones a good indeed.Do u make jungle?
    if yeah where is your choones?why they are not here hmmm…


  3. I dont see in Spring Fall nothing good, just standart jungle with standart samples with no bass…

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