Ragga Scum mixes the past 4 years of Warlord Dubplate.

Pressure Drop – Unsoundboy & 3re – WARD009
Burn Unit – Policy – WARDEP002
Gwaan Farmer – Prodigal Son – WARD001
Gun Shot War VIP – Ragga Scum & Direct Feed – WARD006
Know Jah – Konekta – RELEP003
Tha Real – Anvil – WARD004
Global Warning – the Archangel feat StaDa – RELEP002
Johny Flys West Side Grade – Sixfootunda & Direct Feed – WARD008
Armed & Dangerous – Direct Feed – WARD003
How High – Direct Feed – WARD003
Lick A Shot – Mainframe – WARD005
Vibezolence – Ragga Scum – RELEP001
Love Reggae Music – Ramza – RELEP001
Life Like This – Twinhooker – RELEP001
Shotta Fiyah – Prodigal Son – WARD001
Wake Up – Relik – RELEP003
Panther – Policy – WARDEP002
One Step Beyond – Reggaecide – WARD009


Special thanks to all of the fans, dj’s, and producers that have supported the label over the last 4 years. Big thanks to: RCola, Direct Feed, Prodigal Son, Sixfootunda, Mainframe, DJ Ekim, the Archangel, DIS and the RJ.biz crew, RJ.com and company, Methods NYC, Tester, Twinhooker, Bush, Policy, JungleX, Trackitdown, the DOA crew, William and the Digital-Tunes fam, NuUrban, Murderbot, Audio 1, MIA, Jocelyn Dee, NME and the Ontario massive, all of the crew new and old, and the many of soldiers who rock our sounds worldwide!


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