This mix comes from LLBCJ’s long time friend and contributor, Pixl. A key member of West Yorkshire Jungle Collective and part of Jungle Syndicate, he is equally at home mixing old school jungle as he is contemporary breakbeat DnB. With appearances on Jungle Syndicate, Skeleton Recordings and Amen-tal as well as his incredible remix of FBD Project’s ‘The Core’, the future looks rough and rugged for this junglist soldier.

1. FBD Project – The Core (Johnny Jungle Remix)
2. Point Blank & DJ Sweetness – Soft & Mellow
3. Intense – Time Space Continuum
4. DJ Crystl – The Dark Crystl
5. Swift & Zinc – Crazed (Remix)
6. School Of Hard Knocks – Everybody
7. FBD Project – Breakin’ Up (Neil Trix 94 Remix)
8. DJ Buz – Slave
9. Studio Pressure – Jump Mk 2
10. Tango & Fallout – Positive Chaos (Essence of Aura VIP)
11. DJ Pulse – Let You In (Wax Doctor Remix)
12. Breeze – Field Of Dreams
13. Luger – Pass Agent
14. Sounds of Life – A Spice Of Jazz
15. Photek – Touching Down… Planet Photek
16. Intense – Visions

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