To celebrate our anniversary on the road, we at Optikal Dubs Records are pleased to present the first year mix, a compilation of 13 exclusive and forthcoming tunes from the Optikal Dubs roast of artist: ZoundColector, Blanquito Man, Candice Cannabis, Shaka Bass, Luso de Yara, MVSE, EL $ABOR, Walstep, Oldtape and R.E.X as the new featured artist on the label. From Footwork, Dubstep, Trap, Moombahton, Breaks to the ruff sound of Jungle / Drum and Bass the wide range of bass music cross continents and unites cultures, in a single mix that represents the unique sound of Optikal Dubs Records.


1st Year Compilation (Mixed By Optikal Dubs) by Optikaldubs on Mixcloud

Walstep – Existence (Original Mix)
ZoundColector ft Eezee – Under the Influence (Walstep Remix)
MVSE – Wrecks (Original Mix)
MVSE – Wrecks (El $ABOR Remix)
ZoundColector ft. Blanquito Man – Con paso de Campeon (Forthcoming)
R.E.X – Happy Insane (Forthcoming)
ZoundColector ft. Blanquito Man & Candice Cannabis – One of a Kind (DnB Mix)
ZoundColector ft. Blanquito Man & Candice Cannabis – Spiritual Thing (Jungle Mix)
ZoundColector – Buju Banton’s Champion (Junglist Unleashed Remix)
Shaka Bass ft. Luso de Yara – En mi sitio (Original Mix)
Shaka Bass ft. Luso de Yara – Fluye (Original Mix)
ZoundColector Ft. Candice Cannabis & Blanquito Man – He Got The Zound (Forthcoming)
Oldtape – Guiso Policial (Snippet Version)

Free download here

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