We represent to you the new #26 podcast of REMEDY SOUND FOUNDATION, named “Jungle Generation”.
Favourite Hip Hop, Ragga Jungle and Dubwize Tunes mixed here.
All stuff was taken from vinyl.

1.Hole In The Wall Gang, The – Breakology/Urban Assault – Faked You Out
2.T.O.K.- All Day
3.Arrebite Feat. Diamondog – Gimme My Microphone
4.Illegal Alien – Ready For War
5.DJ Shiro – System Of A Down Remix
6.DJ K – All You Motherfuckin’ Hypocrites
7.DJ K – “Flying 2010” (remake)
8.Diamond Geezer – Ruff Like We
9.Serial Killaz – Jamaican Boy
10.Paulie Walnuts – How Come
11.Kraddy – Android Porn
12.FeyDer – Baby Girl
13.Serial Killaz – Good Enough
14.GTactix – Body Bag
15.Dijeyow – City Life
16.Killahman Machine – Zion
17.DSC, The – Respect
18.Ngo Mau & MadMemba – Spiritchaser
19.Twinhooker – Too Corrupt
20.DSC, The – Burn Down The System
21.Jstar – Weed Anthem
22.John Legend & Roots,The – Our Generation


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