Dub, reggае, jungle, dubwise, few great dubplates, good mood and little sorrow for summer – all we need to get warmer these frosty dayz.
Big respects to all producers for their awesome music!

Special thanks and nuff respect to Big Jungle Man DJ L.A.B, Great Zion Train,Dubmatix and Ital Noiz, Curious Greenjah and Kalkov, Positive and Helpful Psychobosses – big thingz you do!

NJO! – Summer Meditation (special for Psychoradio)
Genre:Dub,Reggae Jungle, Dubwise
Source : Vinyl, Timecode Vinyl
Release : 11-02-2012
Runtime : 62:35
Size : 143 MB
Quality : 320 Kbps

1.Zion Train – Get Ready
2.Zion Train – Orgone Accumulation
3.Zion Train – Edelweiss Piraten
4.Greenjah – Zazumizaza
5.Unknown Artist – Its a pity (Smash Dubs)
6.Easy Star All-Stars – Time (Groove Corporation Rmx)
7.Skankan – Feel it (Dreadsquad Rmx)
8.Abassi meets Dubmatix – Eko
9.Ital Noiz – Ital Noiz
10.Zion Train- Baby Father
11.Zion Train – Beware
12.Blend Mishkin – Dancehall Addict (feat BNC)
13.Ital Noiz – Ganja Smoke
14.Ital Noiz – Everyday Jungle
15.DJ L.A.B. – Stepping Razor (Peter Tosh)
16.Salmonella Dub – Wytaliba (Dreadzone Mix)
17.Shifter – Peacebreaker
18.DJ L.A.B – Jungle Fi Peach
19.DJ L.A.B. – Rat a Cut Bottle (Lion Youth)
20.DJ L.A.B. – Tonight
21.Lionfire – Truth & Rights
22.Rebel MC ft.Tenor Fly – Born Again (Seria Killaz mix)
23.Junglefever meets Bong Selecta – Vibe Machine
24.Isaac Maya feat Nognes RC – Forever
25.Baga Sound – 2012 (Babylon Shall Fall)
26.D.R.S.,Kenny Ken,Krinjah – Every Man Remix
27.4Corners Crew – Tingle Tangle Rmx
28.Rahmanee – Bun Di Chalice
29.Million Stylez & Frisk – Police in Helicopter
30.J Bostron- Healin of the Nation
31.DJ L.A.B. – One for the Junglist
32.Feyder ft DJ Juha – GJM Anthem
33.Diego & The Dissidents – Contaminated waters part 3 (Tom Eno mix)


  1. Very good! Okrema podyaka za DJ L.A.B. – One for the Junglist & Diego & The Dissidents – Contaminated waters part 3 (Tom Eno mix)

    Ukrainian Junglist Massive Bizness inna di Place =)

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