Here’s the 2nd instalment of “Hard Skankin” hosted by Ninjah Fareye @psychoradio.org

every 2nd saturday of the month

U-Ome – Cant Smoke Weed In Peace
Ninjah Fareye – Call The Brigade
J Bostron – Times Running Out
Chazy – Three Little Birds
Top Cat & Tenor Fly – Mr Undertaker (Remarc Mix)
DJ Krome & Mr Time – The License (16aj Mix)
D.I.S. – Top Sound Killer
LFO Animal – Deathall
Ijo – The Drumper
Paulie Walnuts – That Day Will Come
Ninjah Fareye – Drifter Riddim Medley
Twinhooker & Paulie Walnuts – Junglist At Large
J Bostron – Mash Dem Down
DSC – Burn Down The System
Jonny Dangerously – Murderer (Linguo VIP)
Nkogliaz – SoundbowyKillah
Ninjah Fareye – Cant Stand It
DSC – Respect
Mighty Dreadnaut – Kill Sound Inna Jungle
Debaser – Laid to Rest
Ninjah Fareye – Lionheart
Keej & Stada – Free Up Your Mind
Nickynutz – Plant Mi Sensi
16aj – Mash Dem Down
Rhygin – Jah Kingdom
Loqtus – Culture Shock
Ninjah Fareye – Shottas Payback
Bombah – Murderah
DJ Vocoda & Dr…Um – Satta Lumumba
General Waste – Love for the People
DJ Clear – Beat X
16aj – Cyant Dis Jungle
Archangel – the Spirit of an Age
Ninjah Fareye – Attention
Archangel – Free Up Your Mind
Ninjah Fareye – Jah Lives (Zombie Jah)
Humb – Heddlu
Ninjah Fareye – Bad Boy
Rotator – Jump Da Fuck Up
Ninjah Fareye & Prolific – Blaze Up the Fire
Cardopusher – Show Me Your Pussy Massive
Desert Storm Breakcore Squad – Trapped
Ninjah Fareye – People Kill People
DJ/Rupture – Run the Place Red (Raw Meat)
Afx – Run the Place Red
Istari Lasterfahrer – Judge Dread 3
Dr Bastardo – Revenge is a Dish Best Served With a Brick in the Face
Stazma – Ragga Terror From Outer Space
Supply Module – Stop Committing Dirty Acts for the High Officials
Junglefever & Stivs – Fat Ting
Ninjah Fareye – Rough Neck

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