This is a 2 hours killin jungle mix with 26 clash tunes by Nickynutz made through the years.

1. Laugh Afta Dem
2. The Dub Killa
3. Outta Di War
4. Cockroach In The Corner
5. Soundboy Annihilation
6. Retreat (Weed and Come Again Mix)
7. Come Ya Fi Talk
8. Bun Dem Zing Pan Sound Pussyclaart Soundboys
9. Clash Of Decision
10. Junglist Killa Sound
11. Let’s Go Choppin’ (Strictly Soundclash Mix)
12. Shine Eye Soundboy
13. Scalp Dem VIP
14. 2000 Soundz
15. Soundclash Biznizz
16. Ya Hear Pussy ?
17. Moan and Yawn
18. Zig Zawya (Jungle Remix)
19. Who Last Laugh Laughs The Best
20. Sleng Teng Special
21. Caan Tame A Junglist
22. Hammer Dem Down
23. Nuff Soundboy
24. Kill Dem Sound
25. Cha Cha Cha Pussy Soundboys Lie Dead
26. Jungle Splash

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