A one hour jungle mix by MightyBeatz from ukraine!

Free download on Mediafire here.

1. Intro from Afterlife by R.A.W
2. Stormtrooper by Oscar Da Grouch
3. Slew Dem by Danger-S
4. Nuff Respect by Special Ops
5. Suffering by DJ K
6. Dubplate Fi Kill by Oscar Da Grouch
7. Little Stereo by Oscar Da Grouch
8. Kokane (ODG Remix) by Red Army
9. Red Red Red by Crylic
10. Green Day Remix by The Disciple / General Malice / 347
11. Bartender Mash Up by General Malice / N8LOC / DJ Shiro feat. (Hed) P.E.
12. Represent That Mash Up by General Malice / N8LOC feat. (Hed) P.E.
13. Pressure by General Malice
14. Mi Luv Di Pum Pum by Oscar Da Grouch
15. All You Motherfuckin’ Hypocrites by DJ K
16. Runaway by Ripclaw
17. This Is The Year by General Malice
18. Generalah Speak by General Malice
19. The Zone by Livewire
20. Want Dead? by Twinhooker
21. Fucking Hostile by Krumble
22. Ticket To Grind by Krumble
23. Diss Da Programm by Capital J
24. Kill Em All by General Malice
25. Pulp Fiction by DMD
26. Big Time! by NSF
27. Badman Tings by Illicit
28. Informer Fi Dead by Jahba / Sumone
29. Informer Fi Dead by Sixteen Armed Jack
30. Bust Outta Dis by Sixteen Armed Jack
31. Outro

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