MightyBeatz: “I wanna share with you my latest work, a new vinyl mix, with good old ragga-jungle. Specifically to refresh your memory and remind you, that this music, as classics, never go out of style, at all times, all year and generation. It will rock and shake people on the dance floor, which once imbued with this genre.”

MightyBeatz – Summertime Mash Up by Толик Съедин on Mixcloud

1.Lighta! (Bladerunner Remix) – by DJ SS
2.Look No Futher – by X Nation
3.Culture – by D.I.S.
4.No No No – by The Wildlife Collective
5.Good Looking Gal – by The Wildlife Collective
6.Soundboys On The Floor – by Criminal Sound
7.Devious – by Omen Breaks & Origin One
8.Dangerous Sound – by Pastaman
9.Illegal Gunshot – by The Ragga Twins
10.A It Dat! – by DJ C ft. Wayne and Wax
11.Ready Fi War – by Tester
12.If War Dem A Want – by Tester
13.All You Motherfuckin’ Hypocrites – by DJ K
14.Champion Rmx – by DJ Taktik
15.Championz – by DJ K
16.Dangerous – by Capital J & N8LOC
17.Uppn’ Tha Ante – by Capital J
18.Don’t Tell Me – by Concord Down
19.Click-Click! – by Direct Feed & Mainframe ft. Profilic
20.Gimme Da Gal Vocal Mix – by Phantasy & Shodan & UK Apach
21.Fire In The Hole Vip Mix – by Distorted Minds & TC ft. MC Foxy
22.Klash! – by RAW a.k.a B-Boy 3000
23.Manifestation – by Twinhooker
24.Sound Slaughtered – by Dub-Liner
25.Freak Out – by Sumone
26.Badman Tings – by Illicit
27.Da Ruckus! – by Omen Breaks & Origin One

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