Mashed Youths present!
Back To Ya Roots EP
01. FeyDer – Kill Dem
02. Ambrela – Tidal Bore (FeyDer VIP)
03. Smokah – Kiss Me

So, Mashed Youths Records bring their sixth release called “Back To Ya Roots EP” dedicated to FeyDer’s birthday. On title you can understand what the vibe flavoured on this release. This is oldschool jungle! and u remember your roots?.
This release contains 3 tracks, 2 of them from Mr. FeyDer:
“Kill Dem” – This track was produced some time ago for the Bay B Kane remix competition and got a lot of positive feedback but unfortunately did not win. Listen gangsta sound from dark streets of 94 year.

“Tidal Bore (FeyDer VIP)” – This is a remix of samara producer, Ambrela, who produces music in various styles from minimal techno to light drum’n’bass. This track was chosen for remix not by chance, because it reminded him of that rainy mainland and the country where it all began – UK. Just what was needed to give the shape and British accent and “inspire the soul” to the composition.

And of course, the main surprise of this release. Is sensational producer from St. Petersburg, Smokah, with his huge quantity of musical merits. Composing in a wide variety of genres, now with a few vinyl and digital releases under his belt, and tunes to unbalance your body with his insane style.
“Kiss Me” – One of the his creations in jungle scene, once again proving that we still dont know much about this man and his possibilities. Again and again Smokah shows that he can somehow manage the amen break in his hands, combining dense heavy drum part with a gentle celestial atmosphere and made a revolution with Dread Bass.

At all we just wanted to show and remind that music from which all began…

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And a bonus track for this release:
original tune, Ambrela – Tidal Bore which u can download for free @soundcloud.

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  1. maybe the best digital release in this scene so far. big up guys, a lot of respect and please, keep on releasing raggajungle.

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