Tommy Badman:

Because of Coronavirus restrictions and us both being so busy nowadays in other things its very rarely me and Mark get to meet up for a mix. The mix is always in his, and is usually best in the day so we can crank it up a bit without worrying the neighbours, as they have kids like Mark and we cant mix properly if its too loud and pissing people off.

Ive become very slack on the mixing front recently have been so busy with my audio production degree at SAE Institute (which is going fair to good) and now mine and FUNTs label Foot Long Records label even though I have a pair of brand new LTA Mixars Super OEMs, which are ill as fuck.

We have done these mixes for a few years since our late friend Robby McBurney (B-Side) introduced us to each other, after he showed Robby how to mix way back in 1996. Mark has really helped me in so many ways mixing and understanding the industry and I could not have asked for a better person to show me the ropes without being a brown nose who is constantly begging for gigs and being a people pleaser whose fighting over getting on after 12pm (warm up sets arent important/hard like ???). Lets not forget the impact Robby also had on me before Mark as well, as he helped me an enormous amount himself, RIP Robby you absolute fucking legend, we miss you all the world.

This mix is not perfect by any means, probably more the times im on the decks (Tommy Badman)in all honesty because im hardly mixing atm and im quite simply not as good as him anyway. But it is 100% vinyl and un-edited though so who gives a ****.

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