Audio Addict are turning ten years old, a fantastic achievement, and to mark the occasion the good people over there are releasing a wicked compilation that draws upon lots of the artists in their orbit. This first sampler features Disrupta, Jappa, Subcriminal, Crossy and K Jah across a five-track showcase of just how gully this label can be, with all five artists stepping up to remix tracks from the label back-catalogue. Disrupta takes the reins first and does so with aplomb, putting a fiery spin on DJ Hybrid’s ‘Shoot Em Up’ and flipping it into a warped-out engine of pure dancefloor energy. At the end of the release, K Jah comes with a distinctly different vibe that’s much more rough and tumble, a bouncy yet relentless bassline sitting beneath a sampled vocal from Liam Bailey that sounds unreal. Top EP and we can’t wait for the full version.

1. DJ Hybrid – Shoot Em Up (Disrupta remix) 04:53
2. Replicant – Ruff N Tuff (Jappa remix) 06:00
3. Conrad Subs – Mr Undertaker (Subcriminal remix) 04:48
4. Kartoon – Soundboy Surrender (Crossy remix) 04:03
5. Kumarachi – 4am Where Are You (K Jah remix) 05:40

Buy this LP on JunoDownload here.

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