A jungle mix by Kushti, broadcast as part of the Solid Sound radio show podcast thingy: “Loads of jungle tunes that came over the last few months. New releases, promo’s and some unreleased exclusive stuff.”

Kid lib – Monochrome
Enjoy – Switch (Criterion Records)
Ricky Force – The Touch (Pressin Hard 4)
Dgohn – Dooky (Love Love Records)
Dolen – Evesdrop (Exit Records)
Uncharted – Sine Sound (Boey Audio)
DJ Hybrid – Eazy Man (Deep in The Jungle Records)
Rez – Knowledge (Yeska Beatz Unltd.)
Samphet – Poltergeist Hotline (TFA Audio)
Sully – Vacancy (Uncertain Hour)
D.I.S – Positive Vibes (Unreleased)
Kid Lib – Original Roughneck (Bman Remix) (Monkey Business And Friends)
Jamin Ninja – K!LL!N 2N!TE (NSA Audio)
Feeling So High (feat. Tiffany) (Boey Audio)
Enjoy – Sorrow (Criterion Records)
Jamin Ninja – Yout Man Say NSA Audio)
Sum – Rewind (Hormonal Vibrations)

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