Excited by the tunes being released as part of the Jungle War 2019, Kushti decided to make a little mix of some of the great tunes out there.
Big up to all the producers banging out wicked junglism! Download mix on hypeddit.com.

Riffz – With Class fi de Clash
Atlas & K Super – In The Dance
Papa Shanti – Down For Any Test
ED808 – Game Of Chess
Double 99 – Ripgroove [Jungle refix]
Rez 毎日JUNGLIST – The Darkness Betray You
Skru – Ready to commit merda
Adent – Be Irie Man
Jonny 5 – Clown & Rat ft. Tuggawar
Selecta 5-7 – Bring it on
Setwon – KiLLemWithStyLe
Bman – Beng Beng
For Example John – Response to Shitlip
Bman – Die You Die
Bloodclot – Soundbwoy Fade Away
Stereo Nartzi – Tinted Car Drive-By

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