Cockney rudeboy King Yoof’s rooftop dub shack serves up fifty-seven flavors of dubplate in just over an hour of mixed musical madness. The smell of fresh acetate oozes from the speaker. Two thousand and sixteen percent pure and impossible to dilute in any fashion, doctors worldwide are calling for immunization using the King Yoof dubplate method. Well known in underground dancehalls, this powerful phenomenon is only recently being discovered by the public at large. When asked immediately after a clash, 9.5 out of 10 selectors preferred being killed by King Yoof than all other sounds combined.

** Soundboy General’s Warning: this butter smooth selection was produced using machines that may contain large amounts of famous reggae vocals, serious sub bass, and dangerous levels of musical ites. Short term use will result in an overall feeling of junglism leading to long-term use.**


1) king yoof dubplate mix intro
2) terror fabulous “king yoof anthem” dub (cuss cuss riddim by king yoof)
3) mc tenja “trouble in my city (cuss cuss riddim by king yoof)
4) yt “soundsystem” dub by digitaldubs
5) david boomah “do you know what my dubs are worth” dub
6) mr williams “have you ever” (conversation riddim by kingyoof)
7) cheshire cat “im sure” (conversation riddim by king yoof)
8) cheshire cat “never heard a dj like this before” dub (conversation riddim by king yoof)
9) rony blue “soundboy love” dub (rumours riddim original)
10) cutty ranks “limb by limb” offical king yoof remix
11) daddy freddy “insane in the membraine” dub
12) ante up medley
13) anthony johnson “everynight is a soundclash” dub (king yoof gunshot riddim)
14) michael rose “shine eye” dub (exclusive caspa riddim)
15) ragga twins “killa sound” (king yoof remix)
16) flowdan custom dub (wray & nephew soundclash)
17) d power, frisco & demolition man produced by king yoof “who can draw” dub
18) major lazer meets richie spice (gold dubs remix)
19) everyday ft papa levi & daddy colonel (king yoof remix)
20) rony blue “im so sorry” prod by king yoof (subslayer exclusive)
21) ratpack “searching for my rizla” dub
22) michael rose “stalk a sensimenia” dub (channel one riddim)
23) eek a mouse “ganja smuggling” dub (king yoof ganja riddim)
24) dj zinc “ready or not” dub
25) demolition man “fire” dub
26) jnr cat “killing pussy” dub (chopstick punnany riddim)
27) louis rankin “original sound” dub (chopstick punnany)
28) mr williams “tell me who” dub (chopstick duck)
29) d’vercity “peace & love” prod by king yoof/aries
30) wayne wonder “guns & ammunition” dub (kingyoof/aries)
31) bounty killer “war” dub (marcus visionary sick riddim)
32) daddy freddy “we control the border” dub (chopstick dub)
33) anthony red rose “tempo” dub (kingyoof/aries riddim)
34) ub40 “rat in the dancehall” dub (gold/aries riddim)
35) yush “roadblock” dub (m.visionary far east riddim)
36) yt “king yoof story” (king yoof 85 riddim)
37) ratpack/ragga twins “oldskool ting” king yoof /aries remix
38) pinchers “gundelero medley” dub (chopstick/king yoof)
39) general tk “i am wiked” dub (chopstick/king yoof)
40) bunny lie lie & ragga twins “mash dem down” dub (king yoof)
41) mega banton “soundboy killing” dub (king yoof real rock)
42) doctor “rudeboy” custom dub

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